Baklengs w/ Azim Fathi: Azadi

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Azim Fathi is a Tehran-based Music Producer, Graphic Designer, DJ, and also Founder and Art Director of the Iranian electronic music outlet Paraffin Tehran, one of the most influential platforms in the electronic music scene of Iran. Azim started DJing back in 2008 while he was a resident in the East Asian city of Kuala Lumpur, he has been an active and outspoken figure in the electronic music scene of his own country, he created Paraffin Tehran after he moved back.

Azim had an idea of bringing the true culture behind electronic music back to its own country and present it in it's artistic form. He used the newfound freedom to have shows and performances in art galleries and music/theatre halls in Tehran to present his idea. Of course, he had to go through many tight and hard steps to get the necessary permissions to put on a show like this, especially in a country like Iran. But in the end, he pulled it off and was able to invite many great artists and music producers from overseas to Iran to create a bridge between two different worlds. From the artists we can mention Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim, grad_u, Unbroken Dub, Rhauder, HVL, Sote, and more.

He is currently living in Tehran, Iran with his family, where he is trying to bring his events back to life since having to postpone everything due to the lockdowns and pandemic, as well as the unrest brought on by the ongoing tension between Iran and the US.

Azim regularly travels and plays music as much as he can regarding his life and everything else that comes with being an Iranian at the moment. He has previously played at venues like Bassiani and The Pickle Factory.

This mix consists of pre-revoloutionary Iranian records.

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