Sergio's Tears present REAL LIFE w/ Ytem

Sergio's Tears
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Here is a short brief: It’s 4am at the back of the club. The DJ is playing Central Cee with some Cascada. There might even be a Madonna vocal edit in there somewhere, but you’re not sure. You’re confused. But at the same time you can’t believe how perfect this combination sounds together. From that moment onward you’ve been searching the net for the same edit. You’ve even tried mixing the two yourself on Virtual DJ. Well how about this feeling for a straight 40 minutes? For this week’s REAL LIFE we’ve got none other than Producer and DJ, Ytem. Crafting a relentless 40 minute mix of harsh club soundscapes and delicate blissful atmospheres, bedroom raving never sounded so good. With releases on Circadian Rhythms, Abîme (co-run by Chams and Ytem) all highly tipped, Ytem has also a string of epic mixes on Boiler Room and a residency on Rinse France. If head banging and crying in the club is what you came for, then please, feast your ears on this one.

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