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Niilas is an electronica producer from Bergen, Norway. He makes bass-oriented beats with melancholic undertones with a soft spot for glittery details and blending genres. In few years, he has established himself as one of Norway’s most interesting electronic projects with his innovative and detailed soundscapes. He moves elegantly between musical expressions, and is a true ninja behind the dj-booth.

In this mix, he has made an attempt at breaking down some of his own rules, and potential barriers, in regards to what «a mix» can be. Focusing on combining an introspective collection of songs he perceives as cool and interesting, he has included a wide variety of artists such as Arthur Russell, Røyksopp, Burial and some hidden unreleased gems from his forthcoming album

Floating Points – Birth
Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be-Innocent Fun
Aphex Twin – Xtal
Leon Vynehall – Inside The Deku Tree
Niilas – Also This Will Change (unreleased)
Indusufi – Indusufi (feat. Mashti)
Røyksopp – Poor Leno
Leon Vynehall – Saxony
Lone – Blue Moon Tree
Ross From Friends – Epiphany
Niilas – Verdens Fineste (unreleased)
Niilas – Chaga (unreleased)
Niilas – Texture Works
Joy O – burn
Floating Points – Last Bloom
Burial – South London Boroughs
Arthur Russell – Thats Us Vocal Crop
Laurel Halo – Tru
Fakethias – 161 Reasons To Smile
Niilas – Unreleased
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