Quit Life


Tune in to the premiere of Quit Life's show. A sonic journey of trance and ambient soundscapes of the dark sea.

Eternell - Landing In Being + Max Richter – Spring 2
Anima – Fairy
Charli XCX – Forever (Quit Life Mix)
Mechatok – Discovery + Chamber Choir Eesti Projekt - Gloria
Patri... – 24 Hymns for Mixed Choir_ XXIII. Oremus
Oxhy – Psalms Of The Khori-Puma ft. Elysia Crampton
Loski – Slay
valknee – Asiangal
Rolan Vega – Viva myria
Roger Eno & Brian Eno – Snow
Dua Lipa – Don’t start now
Aus – Later (with Glim)
Levekar ft Cassandra Grey – Darkest Light
Lapalux – Limb To Limb (feat. Lilia)
Arctic Moon & Purple Stories – Shadow Particles
Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn
Hahen – Tamanaramen
Dasychira – Beauty Contest Gift
Baby Blue – TRINE (Ambient)
bod [包家巷] – My Best Friend in Berlin
Duster – Echo, Bravo
Zainab Lax – Negaresh
Sega Bodega & Trustfall – White Flag
Moondog – Pastoral
Playboi Carti – MEH
Samuel Organ – Constant Ice
Overmono – O-coast
Summer Walker – Come Thru
LSTNGT – Ancient Of Days
Magdalena Bay – Good Intentions
Underworld – To Heal
Misty Picture – World Map Score
Quit Life – Niratma
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