Klubb Verdensstjerne –
Slem Drage

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This month we’re proud to present one of Norway's experimental urban music's hidden gems. Guested by the underground nexus and enigmatic artist hailing from the city between the seven mountains, Slem Drage.

Slem Drage is DJ and producer Syk Tariq's rap game alter ego. It is hard for us to define the Slem Drage project, but he himself describes it as a synergy between rnb, rap and expressing himself with norwegian lyrics.

In this mix Slem Drage gives us a ride on his back through his sympathetic universe, with a smooth voice and lyrics describe a life on the edge, C0$$inam joins in with sweet rnb and M1kal supplementing with heavier text-material. Spanning from chopped and screwed originals to loving rnb anthems and avant-garde covers.

The mix it self is in a way a delineation of the Bergen native collective La Onda.

Consisting of local frequent collaborators such as M1kal, C0$$inam, WangLA, Angelo Reira and more.

Disclosing unfinished projects from dusty hard drives side by side with more recent projects. Including tracks and production by Mikal, Hkon and MBA(kug).

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