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Goodnight released their debut album “Versions” at the end of 2019. Here is a mix with some of their influences and songs that they cherish.

My Bloody Valentine – Incidental Peace (feat. Skylab)
DJ Healer – Holding Onto You
Malibu – Camargue
Mark Hollis – Water Shed
Daniel de Lara – Decay & Diminish
Goodnight – Shibuya Showers
The Cleaners From Venus – Corridor of Dreams
Tommy Mandel – Friend
Goodnight – Heat (You're Good)
Slowdive – Shine [Splendiferous Locust Mix]
Jacques Greene – Drop Location / Drop Location (Lunice Remix)
??? – ???
Jam City – New York
Barker – Look How Hard I've Tried
Overmono – Le Tigre
Tin Man – Falling Acid
Goodnight – Tangent
M.T. Hadley – Reticence
Kim Gordon – Paprika Pony
GILA – Rider 3: Absent Roof
Goodnight – Slow Climb
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