Astrid Sonne

Leftfield Pop
Modern Classical

Astrid Sonne welcomes the month with some shoegaze and leftfield pop.

Lars Hannibal, Michala Petri – Twilight on a Ground
Smerz – The Favorite
Julia Holter – So Humble the Afternoon 
Clarissa Connelly – Holler
Grand River – Side Lengths
Coil – Amethyst Deceivers
Loopsel – Det som bliver
Sugai Ken – Akuta
Terminal Synch – Access Virus B
Erika de Caiser – No Butterflies, No Nothing
Taz & Meeks – Obviously
G.B. Beckers – Flugzeit
Coby Sey – To
DEAP – åbne er hendes ansigts furer
Loopsel – Klockan
Terry Borrows – Loop #1
Mija Milovic – This is the End (feat. Boris Milanovic)
Smerz – Hva hvis
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