Vilde Tuv


Ive brought a mix of favourite friends and strangers, compressed synthesizers, rare rapmusic and ghosty love, for you to feel dead and alive all at the same time.


Vilde Tuv – ???
Quiltland – Love (Vildes tiny love edit feat. Teal Swan)
Thoom – Re-Trace
Vilde Tuv feat. Verk – This is how you find her
Shikoswe – I wanna be right (snippet)
The Complex of The Formula of a Closed Mind – 5312
Swicha Artista – Omforladels
Oliver Coates – Honey
Drumloop – When its Cold Id like to die (Moby cover)
Chandra Lacombe – Recado Mae Divina
Shida Shahabi – Main Theme (Piano Version)
Smerz – Rap Interlude
Gizmo – Life (SakketNed&FakketMed av MJB aka M1kal (Vilde edit))
Schacke – Kisloty People
Deer Park Monestary – All in my heart (The Children´s song!)
GIL – Love is a Towel over Shifting Sands
Vilde Tuv – ???
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