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Deep House

Remember the first time ever I saw an 808. Didn’t realise til years later that’s what it was of course. Was nine years old then, and my 6 years older neighbour Mirkko was already my musical hero just by owning an electric guitar. But this new piece of equipment he’d brought home, was something else. A machine that made actual drum sounds and you could make it play whatever you could think up. That was something straight out of outer space if you’d asked me. Have no idea how he got the money for it, or if he kept on making music. But anyway, this is to Mirkko and all my childhood friends in Kronogården, Rodrigo, Heidi, Linda, Jasmin, Nathalie, Alberto, Jaakko. A few of you have passed on, so wherever you may be, see you when I get there, if god wills.

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