So&Such Radio w/ Laue (Ayran Maiden)

Buenos Aires
New Wave

Collective based in Malmö, Sweden, focusing on creative and beat based music production, gatherings and projects. Bringing upfront music at the edge of today that happily visits all the corners of the world. Every episode features members or friends of the crew.

Ivan Lavendel – Paleo
Ami Dang – Raiments
K.Leimer – All Sad Days
Sona – Flopesque Waltz Op.1 No. 1 in C minor
Dhaima – Don’t Feel No Way
Blue Öyster Cult – Then Came The Last Days of May
Mandrill – Moroccan Nights
Pauline Murray And The Saints – Don’t Give Up
Triad God – Babe Don’t Go
I.N.D – Into New Dimensions
Geoffrey Landers – Say You’ll Say So
International Music System – Mojave
Donatella Viggiano – Napule Canta e More
Magnus Dahlslett & Anders Lyngen – Syr3
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